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The Mustard Seed Venture Mission Statement

Seeking to deeply understand, collectively experience, and freely extend what the historical Jesus referred to as “the kingdom,” by following his teachings and by drawing inspiration from anywhere that we see the kingdom manifest.

What Does it Mean to be in the Kingdom?

We believe that entering the kingdom means living in a state in which we rely implicitly on the goodness of God, in which we are free of care and anxiety, and in which we extend love and caring to others unhindered by the usual considerations of merit. We believe that as we live more fully in the kingdom, we will encounter one another in a way that reflects the deep, compassionate love that Jesus spoke of. We seek to know each other as God knows us, which means valuing and celebrating each person’s worth as a unique, beautiful soul.

Welcome to the NEW Mustard Seed Network!

Our social network provides a gathering place for people interested in coming to a deeper understanding and embodiment of The Kingdom of God. This network is in seed form, and will be growing both in content and members--so keep visiting us! We invite you to join the network, create a profile page, check things out, and participate in the Mustard Seed Foundations Series!

The Mustard Seed Foundations Series 
Our foundation is a unique view of Jesus and his teachings. Our original members joined in this vision through years of meetings and classes in Sedona, Arizona. Therefore, to give those who are joining us online the opportunity to have a comparable experience, we have decided to start our new network with a Mustard Seed Foundations series. Click here for more information.

The Mustard Seed Venture

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"The disciples said to Jesus, 'Tell us what the heaven’s imperial rule is like.' 'It’s like a mustard seed. (It’s) the smallest of all seeds, but when it falls on prepared soil, it produces a large plant and becomes a shelter for birds of the sky.' "

-- Thomas 20, Scholars Version

Loving Our Enemies:

The Core of Jesus’ Vision in the Sayings Gospel Q
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"The Sayings Gospel Q is a hypothetical gospel. It 'exists' only in the remains it left scattered across the gospels of Matthew and Luke. Its importance, however, cannot be overestimated. Many scholars consider it to be our earliest written record of the Jesus tradition. It has been called 'certainly the most important source for reconstructing the teaching of Jesus' (Theissen & Merz, 1998, p. 29) and 'our primary source of information about what he was trying to say, and do' (Robinson, 2007, p. vii). Yet it presents a very different vision of primitive Christianity than the traditional one handed down from the book of Acts. Specifically, it presents a Jesus who is not yet the Christ of Christianity. Contrary to traditional images, in Q his deeds take a backseat to his words. He is unconcerned with the early church's kerygma of the crucified and risen One. Indeed, he seems unconcerned with himself altogether. Rather, he holds out to us a profound and unsettling vision of how to live..."

Network Guidelines & Information

This network is designed to foster kindness and goodwill to all. To this end, we ask that members are respectful, cooperative, and keep to the topic at hand. Communications that are not of this nature will not be posted. 

Please Note: Some content that is posted by members may be seen by the general public.

Rebuild My Temple

Image from Brother Sun Sister Moon Movie

Song by John Michael Talbot
(I Peter 2:5, Ephesians 2:20)

Go rebuild My temple
Build with living stones
Build on the faith of the fathers
Build with Jesus as the cornerstone

Build strong with love and with kindness
Build with the pearl of great price
Beyond all worth
Build with the beauty of forgiveness
With heavenly splendor on the earth

To listen to song, click here.