Alexandra Fraser

I want to give special thanks to David Sunfellow, for the many hours he spent getting this network up and running, and for his unyielding dedication to our shared purpose of bringing the kingdom to earth. 

I also want to thank Robert Perry, Ken Froessel, Veronica Vaughn, Greg Mackie, Susan Perry, Bruce Fraser and Suzanne DeSutter. Their selfless giving and inspired devotion to the kingdom is the fertile soil out of which this Mustard Seed has grown. 

I am also so deeply grateful for the many, many dear soul-friends that have supported Mustard Seed in countless ways to help bring God's love more fully into this world. This work is truly a collective endeavor, built with huge acts of kindnesses, sincere prayers, and a dedication to God that can't be put into words.

"The more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite. 
Take my breath away

-- William Shakespeare

Alexandra Fraser, President & Founder. Alexandra has been on the spiritual path for 30 years, as the result of a life-changing spiritual experience. Through this experience her passion became manifesting God’s world in her daily life through loving other people, and in 2004, she established The Mustard Seed Venture. She is the administrator and a study group leader. She also works at a local wedding planning company. Alexandra has also worked in several non-profit organizations and a number of businesses, including two local cancer centers. Her service work has included co-founding a Waldorf-Inspired charter school, helping shut-ins and others in need, and she is currently participating in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

This network is dedicated to my Mother, Monica, for teaching me how to love, and my Father, Robert, for bringing Jesus and the kingdom into my life. 

"Next to God, thy parents."  William Penn

In loving memory, we honor those in our community that are now fully experiencing the love of God. We can feel their joyful spirits with us as our work continues:  Donna Magrath, Carolyn Jones, and Dazie Mae.