The kingdom comes alive on this earth through loving relationships. Here is a "snapshot" of our friends and family, as they have shown up to help bring God's love to others through Mustard Seed.

Thank You to Our Community: Testimonial

"What I discovered is that the power of the Whole is greater than the power of One."

"The people who are behind Mustard Seed Venture and NHNE are dedicated servants to the human race in every regard. I have received support from them in more ways than I can numerate on an emotional, spiritual and physical level... More

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A Testimonial

“As a recipient of compassionate care volunteered by The Mustard Seed Venture, I can say with certainty that they saved my life. After becoming disabled from a chronic illness, I was unable to take care of my own basic daily needs, unable to work; I was hungry, lonely, facing homelessness, and could not handle medical costs. I could not see any light at the end of a very dark tunnel. It was then that The Mustard Seed Venture stepped in and created miracles. Their volunteers worked out a schedule of help for me, delivering cooked meals that met my dietary needs, doing laundry and housecleaning, helping with paperwork, errands, and also providing much-needed friendship. Then they went the extra mile, organizing fundraising events that have helped pay my rent and medical costs. All of this was done joyfully and competently, and to my amazement, they thanked me for allowing them to help! The Mustard Seed Venture embodies nonjudgmental and absolute dedication to compassionate action.”

— Laurie Riley, Founder Communities for Compassion

A Testimonial

“I experienced a miracle on December 14, 2007: a kidney transplant from a donor who was a perfect match. Previously, I had been on dialysis for three and a half years–a difficult way to live. For half of that time I had been searching for a kidney donor, with no success. Although several people volunteered, either they were not a match or they had a health problem so they couldn’t donate. I was despairing and in conflict between acceptance of “what is” and daring to want a better life for myself. “What was God’s will?” I asked myself.

“I took this quandary to Alexandra Fraser of The Mustard Seed Venture for her guidance. She in turn took my story to their small group. They voted unanimously to help me find a donor. I was overwhelmed by their love, compassion and generosity. Over the next few months we met and planned and prayed. Then on December 14th, I got the call from Mayo Hospital that they had a kidney for me. I am convinced that the love, the prayers, the intentions and the actions that The Mustard Seed Venture took on, opened up the universe for the miracle to occur. I am forever grateful to them. I now have life and live more fully. My heart has been opened to receive and to love.”

— Nell Benson