Jesus Near-Death Experiences

VIDEO: Yvonne Sneeden: The Heart of Jesus
"I then told Jesus I was too tired to go back on earth, life was terribly difficult and that many people were mean, selfish, disloyal, unfaithful, uninterested in unconditional love. I told Him I would not make it. He looked at me and suddenly stood in space in front of me. He expanded in size to be 9 or 10 foot tall. He then said 'Yvonne, I will fill you with my strength and energy.'...


Who Was the Jesus of History and Did He Write A Course In Miracles?

by Robert Perry

Jesus of Nazareth is arguably the most influential man to have ever lived. Through a ministry that may have lasted as little as a year and consisted primarily of preaching in rural villages, he managed to change the world forever. Today, a third of the world's population claim to be his followers.