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I’ve been wondering what to share in my first contribution to this “Life in the Kingdom” series. Fortunately, I came upon a wonderful article about people who are doing their part to bring the Kingdom to a place that dearly needs it—people whose work literally impacts my partner Patricia and me right where we live.…

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Charleston: Which way will we choose?

Like everyone else, I was deeply saddened by the events in Charleston, South Carolina. In an act motivated by racial hatred, a 21-year-old white man named Dylann Roof allegedly shot and killed nine African-American people during a bible study at the Emanuel African Methodist…

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Greg Mackie, Mustard Seed Board Member, Teacher. Greg has been a writer and teacher for many years, focusing on the modern spiritual text A Course in Miracles. He has had a long-time interest in the historical Jesus. In addition to Jesus, his inspirational heroes include Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, Mother Antonia, and Peace Pilgrim. He currently lives in Mexico with his partner, Patricia Zamudio, working with her to bring God’s love to everyone involved in the challenging situation there, in particular to migrants and those who work with them. He believes that deep personal connection with God and selfless service to others are the keys to experiencing the kingdom of God in our daily lives.

                      My beloved Patricia

Patricia & I visit Mother Antonia

--“Forgiving is hard, but not forgiving is harder” 
Mother Antonia

Here's Patricia with the delightful Sister Aisha. The book is a scrapbook with pictures of people who were served by the Casa Campos de San Miguel, a refuge for women leaving prison and for women visiting incarcerated family members, as well as a shelter for women and children who have come to Tijuana for cancer treatment.