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This is classic Q2 material, “the announcement of judgment.” After this comes Q’s account of the baptism of Jesus. Mark includes the baptism, and so Matthew and Luke could have gotten theirs just from Mark. However, the IQP (International Q Project)…

Q 6:20-21 The Beatitudes for the Poor, Hungry, and Mourning

20 And raising his eyes to his disciples
he said:
Blessed are you poor,
for God’s reign is for you.
21 Blessed are you who hunger,
for you will eat your fill.
Blessed are you who mourn,
for you will be consoled.

Sayings Gospel Q Classes

Class 1: Introduction to the Sayings Gospel Q

Class 2: The Beatitudes in Q

Class 3: No Notes for Class #3

Class 4: The Essential Note in Jesus’ Teachings in Q

Class 5: No Notes

Class 6: Love Your Enemies Part I, Q 6:27-28, 35c-d

Class 7: Love Your Enemies, Part II, Q 6:27-28, 35c-d

Class 8: Renouncing One’s Own Rights, Q 6:29-30

Class 9: Give Without Expectation of Return, Q 6:30

Class 10: What Do We Do with These Hard Sayings?

Class 11: Impartial Love, Q 6:32, 34

Class 12: The Golden Rule, Q 6:31

Class 13: Review of “Love Your Enemies” Discourse and “Being Full of Pity Like Your Father”

Class 14: Judge Not, Part I, Q 6:37-38

Class 15: Judge Not, Part II, Q 6:37-38

Class 16: The Predicament of the Self

Class 17: Freedom from the Predicament of the Self, Part I

Class 18: Freedom from the Predicament of the Self, Part II

Class 19: Easter and Q

Class 20: What Was Jesus About?

Class 21: Appreciating the Message

Class 22: The Speck and the Beam (or “Sliver Me Timbers”), Q 6:41-42

Class 23: Congruence Between the Inner and Outer, Q 6:43-49

Class 24: Discipleship and Mission, Q 9:57-10:9

Class 25: The Lord’s Prayer, Q 11:2-4

Class 26: The Certainty of the Answer to Prayer, Q 11:9-13

Class 27: More Precious than Many Sparrows, Q 12:6-7

Class 28: Storing up Treasures in Heaven, Q 12:33-34

Class 29: Free from Anxiety like Ravens and Lilies, Q 12:22b-31

Class 30: The Parables of the Mustard Seed and the Yeast, Q 13:18-21

Class 31: The Reversals, Q 13:30, 14:11, 17:33

Class 32: The Parable of the Invited Dinner Guests, Q 14:16-23

Class 33: God or Mammon, Q 16:13

Class 34: Lost Sheep and Lost Coin, Q 16:13

Class 35: Forgiving Without Limit, Q 17:3-4

Class 36: Faith Like a Mustard Seed, Q 17:6

Class 37: The Kingdom Is Right Here in Your Presence Q 17:20-21

Class 38: The Parable of the Entrusted Money, Q 19:12-26